Dear Future Husband – Wait for me, ok?

Dear future husband,

Your tie still hangs in my room. It’s been moved around a handful of times, but it’s purpose still stands; my way to pray for you until the day we can pray and be together.

I hope that you’re having the time of your life right now. I have no idea if you’re in high school or college, (or out of college 😬) but wherever God has you, I pray that you’re making the most of it, finding joy in all the little things around you.

God’s taught me a few lessons over the past couple years; how words without action are meaningless, and how, in order to build a meaningful relationship, you must first be comfortable without one. I’ve seen that wisdom can be gained from every person and situation, both the good and the bad, if you choose to see it.

I hope God’s showing you a few things, too. I pray God is using this time apart to mold you into the man He needs you to be, and that He’ll bring you to me when He knows we’re both ready.

I think about what you might be like. I hope you’re someone who adores me, but who is still going to push me out of my comfort zone when needed. I don’t want to be coddled, but for you to challenge me spiritually and make me a better person.

I hope you’re enjoying this downtime, because we’re getting ready to go on life’s great adventure! I can’t wait for our dance parties in Walmart, ice cream dates, and to hold your hand during Sunday morning singing. Wait for me, ok? I love you.

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