“Hello…It’s nice to meet you.”

In my day, I’ve visited quite a few churches, and the resounding consensus that I’ve come to is that, if you don’t know anyone coming in, you’re kind of on your own. The likelihood of someone your age coming up to you and making an effort to get to know you is slim to none. Why is this? Well, I think our priorities have gotten all out of whack.


As teenagers, we have a terrible habit of being self-absorbed. Whether it’s in of friend group, relationships, or phone, sometimes we have a hard time putting aside our things to take notice of the people around us. Hey, I’m totally guilty of it, too, but we need to do a better job about watching out for the people around us.


Lately, I’ve been working on trying to keep an eye out during church for people who might be visiting. As I mentioned earlier, I know what it’s like to feel like you’re on an island by yourself, so I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to try to help out the folks that may be new. I don’t always do a great job; there are times that I, too, want to talk to my friends, but I’m trying to do better.


It’s not always easy; it’s pretty awkward, most of the time – but it’s worth it if it makes a difference to one person. Let’s work on this together and, hopefully, further God’s kingdom in the process.

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