Friendships – Beyond the Surface

Used. Isn’t it something we all feel at one point or another? It was a topic my mom and I were talking about on our walk one morning. There’s a lot of people people out there who want you for something and, once they realize that you can’t/won’t give it to you, they’re nowhere to be found.


When times get tough, that’s when you really figure out who your friends are. In order to withstand a storm, the relationship has to be built on something that’s beyond surface level; there has to be some substance there.


Honestly, when my mom brought up this point, my mind immediately went to Jenna. My oldest and most constant friend, Jenna, has been by my side for twelve years. Throughout those years, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen each other though many friendships, crushes, awkward stages, bad haircuts, and difficult trials. Yet, we never let those things come between our friendship because it was built on something deeper and had substance.


That got me thinking – shouldn’t it be the same way with our relationship with Christ? When hard times come, that’s when we should cling to Him, not push Him away. He wants to be there for us, if only we’d allow Him.


Is it going to be the same type of relationship I have with Jenna? No, but in the same way, He’s been through it all with us. He’s seen us through our heartbreaks, trials, homesickness, tough classes, and moments of sheer brokenness. Throughout it all, He’s never left our sides and is the same yesterday, today, and forever. How cool is that?


Despite feeling used sometimes and “surface level” friendships falling through, our relationship with God can be more than skin deep. He will never leave you or forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5)

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